Origin Story

I was sitting in the Salt Lake City airport when Jump the Fence was born.

11080962_912475280354_2283019416480399749_nThe 2015 Slamdance Film Festival had just ended and I was reflecting on the experience with my dear friend and, Birds of Neptune co-star, Britt Harris. Running simultaneously with Sundance, Slamdance is like a summer camp for filmmakers (I always loved summer camp.) All of Park City clears out and is completely overrun with directors, producers, actors, writers, and press. While I felt… overwhelmed to see my performance on the big screen for the first time, the real treat was the festival itself. Creative, innovative, bold and resourceful artists all around me… I couldn’t mingle hard enough. I would watch a film in the day and be standing face to face with the creators at a party that night. I made fast friends with inspiring people I had new and great respect for.


Britt and I sat for (12) hours, waiting for our flights, surrounded by luggage. I helped her tape a video audition, right there in the airport.

Some of the things I love about Britt – ALWAYS a hard worker. She is relentless in her pursuit of the arts – ALWAYS making whatever moves she can to advance her career. ALWAYS creating.

I updated my website and began work on a script for a television show about birthday clowns I plan to produce in the future. We started talking about all of the people we’d met, and how cool it would be to work with them.

And what if we could!?

We both wanted to travel – what if we traveled to make films with our new friends in their home countries? Well, that would be incredible. And what an interesting way to travel!

luggage-slcThen I remembered a conversation I had had with a semi-regular at the bar I was working at in Brooklyn. He told me that he once purchased a “‘round the world” trip ticket. A single ticket that takes you to multiple destinations in a row, all over the world. SO LONG AS – you keep traveling in the same direction and return to the original airport within the space of one calendar year. That’s where the bigger idea clicked. Let’s purchase two of these tickets, hit a different country every month, and make a film in each country all the way around. WHOA! Could we really do that? That would take a lot of… stamina? Money? But what an experience. And think of all the work we could do with our friends. How would it change us – both as artists and human beings? What would we learn about filmmaking along the way? Well. We should make a documentary about THAT.

We NEED to make a documentary about it.

Ok. So we will.

…but how?

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