AROUND THE WORLD IN SEVEN FILMS — Jump the Fence is an innovative documentary series that takes audiences on an international tour of independent filmmaking. Join hosts Molly Parker, Britt Harris and Lacy Allen as they travel the world to act in seven different films over the course of one year. Showcasing a dynamic group of award-winning filmmakers, Jump the Fence is both an in depth exploration of the filmmaking process and an intimate look at the lives of two burgeoning actors, inevitably showcasing the drama and comedy inherent in best friends testing their bond in the hothouse of Independent Filmmaking and world-wide travel.

Each episode will feature a new director and film crew; highlighting the UNIQUE VISION AND ARTISTIC VOICE of each director. Audiences join the conversation between actors and director throughout the process of character development. When principal photography begins, our crew will be there, capturing behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew and onsite interviews that reveal the creative, collaborative and technical process unique to that film.

Audiences will feel as though they are a PART OF THE CREW as they are welcomed into discussions on set. Perhaps the cinematographer intends to capture a technically complicated shot that follows a character out of a car, down a crowded street and into an apartment building. We have the opportunity to see what type of choreography, gadgets, etc. are used to accomplish that shot, and get a glimpse at the final result as it will appear in the completed film.

On-site interviews provide an understanding of how things are developing throughout the process. Is the producer having issues securing a location for tomorrow’s shoot? Is wardrobe dealing with a torn inseam? Is a looming storm threatening to halt production? Viewers witness first-hand unique sets of obstacles that present themselves, and observe the cast and crew as they PULL TOGETHER TO OVERCOME these obstacles. Directors and other key personnel will be given the opportunity to reflect on the process with exit interviews, giving viewers a COMPLETE VISION OF THE FILMMAKING PROCESS in its entirety, from initial concept through to completion.

Our hosts will travel to BRAZIL, NORWAY, CHINA, GREECE, ENGLAND, ISRAEL AND AUSTRALIA to work on a wide variety of projects. For example, Stathis Athanasiou’s film concerning the Syrian refugee crisis, will be shot entirely at sea off the coast of Greece. In Norway with Aslak Danbolt, our actors join The Sporadic Film Collective (a group of world-renowned filmmakers including Academy Award Nominee, Hallvar Witzø,) whose mission is, “One idea. One meeting. One day of filming.” The DIVERSITY IN SUBJECT MATTER, STYLE AND APPROACH will illuminate similarities and differences in the world of filmmaking.

Jump the Fence is a CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING. The directors featured in this series are not well-funded Hollywood icons backed by big name studios. They are scrappy, resourceful, independent filmmakers with stories to tell, a passion for the craft and a mastery of the medium. By welcoming viewers into the story behind the camera, we bridge the gap between a polished masterpiece on the silver screen and the glorious, spontaneous and often precarious process involved in the production of a film.

Hosted by actors, Jump the Fence gives a revealing glimpse into the process of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. How do the actors use script analysis to determine the essence of a character? What sort of research is needed in order to connect and relate to the character? What techniques are employed to accomplish the proper tone of a scene? Are the actors using physical exercises, exploiting childhood memories, utilizing sense of smell or touch? Audiences join Molly, Britt and Lacy as they approach a wide variety of roles with their own unique sets of rewards and challenges and watch the two of them grow as artists and friends throughout the series as a whole.

With each adventure set in a new place, the country itself becomes a character in each episode. TRAVELOGUE IN NATURE, audiences join our hosts as they explore new places, taste new food and meet new people, while the soundtrack features local musicians from the corresponding region. The people, sounds, architecture, and natural landscapes will color every episode with its own unique flavor.

Bold and Spontaneous, Jump the Fence captures the unpredictable whirlwind of international travel as our hosts plunge into the unknown, discovering new adventures around every corner. This exciting new series like none other, engages audiences in all the thrills and challenges of the filmmaking process as they join our hosts on the adventure of a lifetime.