Writer, Director, Producer

Steven Richter is an American filmmaker. He has written, directed and produced two feature films. Birds of Neptune (2015), shot in Portland, premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival. Festivals and Awards include: Best Dramatic Feature at the Arizona International Film Festival, Best Narrative at the AMFM Fest, Opening Night at the Portland Film Festival, Sao Paulo International Film Festival, among others. Distributed by Brinkvision (U.S.) and Elo Company (Latin America/World). Center of Gravity (2011), shot in Sao Paulo, in Portuguese, premiered at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival and was screened at the Raindance Film Festival. Distributed by Elo Company. (Latin America/World). Steven Richter co-founded with Flávia Rocha the Academia Internacional de Cinema, a film school with locations in Sao Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is currently working on the production of Anatomy of the Sun, and on a screenplay for The Stags, a TV series project.


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